The West End Gallery by Lizzie Selle Studio

The West End Gallery is a petite gallery within Lizzie selle Studio in La Grange, IL that features the works of amazing local artists curated by Lizzie selle. Lizzie produces short term exhibitions and represents amazing emerging and established artists with a goal of providing opportunities for other artists to thrive and grow, and for local art lovers to find art that resonates with their style and spaces.  

Past Artist Reception Photos

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Lizzie Selle

"Milestones in Motion"

36″ x 36″ acrylic, crackle paste & oil pastel on canvas, 2023


It’s a funny thing becoming a mother.  Suddenly time is told through your child’s milestones that are slow at first then start to feel unstoppable, flashing before your eyes. You never feel ready for something to end yet simultaneously you couldn’t feel more excited for the next chapter. It’s this constant feeling of forced change and transformation happening right before your eyes.  As I painted this piece, I processed another milstone I was experienced with my 17 month daughter in the end of nursing, this deep connection I had worked so hard to establish with her and was so hard to let go. But we move forward as parents every day, holding on to what was, filled with joy for what is, thrilled for what’s to come.



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Lizzie Selle

"The Quick Queen of Quincy"

14″ x 18″ acrylic, crackle paste & oil pastels in upcycled vintage frames, 2023


I created this playful pair to portray the sudden joy I feel ever time my 17 month old daughter makes me smile.  Her curiosity, sense of wonder and zest for life is a breath of fresh air in my life and forces me to smile and feel joy in moments that may otherwise have been missed.  The sense of repetition, bold color and whimsical shapes are influenced by the Dr. Seuss books I’ve ben reading to her on repeat.  This playful pair forces you to stop and smile, to soften the tension you may carry from a rough day; to remind you to not take life to seriously.  Just like my Avery.


 $550 each

Contact or 952-270-1421 to purchase/schedule viewing!


Chicago, IL