Inspiring joyful living with bold color, organic textures & custom design.

“Organized Chaos” 48×48 

Acrylic, crackle paste and oil pastels on Canvas

Lizzie Selle is a mixed media abstract artist with a passion for connecting with others through art. Driven by her endless curiosity and strong intuition, Lizzie blends energizing color with delicious mixed media textures to spark moments of joy and rich authenticity in her clients’ homes.  Lizzie embraces bold risks to constantly evolve the narrative of her work in a cathartic process of letting go. 



I have connected with art and design for as long as I can remember, which drew me to a decade-long career in fashion design, marketing and merchandising. Whether it is in your wardrobe or your home, I am a huge proponent of finding and growing your own unique voice over conforming to mass trends.

It wasn’t until I was healing from injuries from a car accident that I first discovered my delight for painting with bold colors and heavy textures. I realized my artistic talents could combine harmoniously with my design expertise to create artwork that would unify and amplify my clients’ style and home. My work is strongly rooted in the aesthetics of joy and my greatest pleasure is creating custom artwork that inspires and lifts my clients’ spirits every day.  |    952-270-1421

522 West Burlington Ave, Suite 2E, La Grange, Illinois


522 W Burlington Ave 2E

La Grange, IL